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Experience that changes lives International Volunteering

We promote international volunteering as an aid mechanism for our different social, educational and medical assistance projects. International volunteers contribute directly to integral development of the populations most in need of Peru.

A real experience

We offer international volunteers a 100% Peruvian experience, outside of mass tourism. This is a real experience in which you will live, work, and integrate as one more member of our team and our society by helping those most in need through different programs volunteering.

  • Work area: Our work takes place in the Mantaro Valley, in the center of Peruvian Andes, 300 kilometers from the city of Lima, a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and traditional Andean villages.
  • Characteristics: It is a place that offers international volunteers the possibility of having a real Peruvian experience. Volunteers will join a different culture, and share and learn from it.

Reasons to be an international volunteer with us:

  • Family: Expand Peru is a family where all its members interact in a safe and welcoming environment.
  • Grow: You will grow as a person through a real experience, where you will see that problems, poverty and marginalization have not been a limitation to get ahead.
  • Free time: Our region offers you many alternatives for your free time, you can visit and see natural places (jungle, lagoons, mountains, glaciers, rivers), archaeological remains, traditional villages, crafts, music, dance, typical festivals and  enjoy  delicious gastronomy.
  • Investment: You will be able to see that the contribution you make in our organization is used properly in the projects.
  • Impact: All our projects are designed to achieve well-being that transcends  time.
  • Culture: Peru has a millenary culture as a consequence of a unique historical process that you will learn about and enjoy from the first day.


You can be an international volunteer in many ways, at any time of the year and in the most diverse fields of action. There are many populations to which we need to contribute and there are many ways to help.

  • It is important that you choose the project in which you want to get involved as an international volunteer. This depends on your characteristics, experience, and above all your personal expectations.
  • You can be an international volunteer at any time of the year as we always welcome help. Please confirm your participation at least one week before.
  • The minimum time we recommend for volunteer work is 2 weeks.

It is necessary

  • Valid passport
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Applicant Form (You can find it here)

Nuestra organización le provee a los voluntarios internacionales

For the international volunteer to achieve their personal goals, work comfortably and thereby generate real and transcendent help, Expand Peru gives them:

  • Certification: Official document that is delivered at the end of the work and that certifies your participation as a volunteer.
  • Informative Material: Which will allow the international volunteer to have a better and safer stay in our city and its surroundings.
  • Accommodation and food: According to the modality chosen by the volunteer. (See – Stay and contribution)
  • Assistance and Advice: Since the first day and for as long as the volunteer works and stays with us.

We do not provide: International air tickets, airport taxes, telephone calls, obtaining visas, obtaining travel insurance, or vaccinations.

Expand Peru finances its projects through fees (Payments) granted by international volunteers for their stay.

Expand Peru works in the Mantaro Valley, a beautiful place surrounded by mountains, forests and beautiful Andean villages.

Expand Peru will take charge that you have a very good stay as an international volunteer, but keep the following recommendations in mind.

Where we are

Huancayo is one of the 5 most important cities in our country, it is located in the Mantaro Valley, the most beautiful and largest in Peru.