We can all be useful



We promote volunteering as a help mechanism for our different social, educational and medical assistance projects. Volunteers contribute directly to the integral development of the most needy populations of Peru.

A real experience

  • Huancayo y el Valle del Mantaro no son lugares turísticos masivos, así que los voluntarios tendrán una experiencia muy real, muy peruana, trabajando y viviendo como un peruano más, disfrutando de una cultura muy rica y diferente, estamos seguros que disfrutarás y aprenderás mucho.

How to apply?:

  • Postular como voluntario es muy fácil, solo tienes que rellenar tus datos en nuestro formulario de postulación y enviarlo.    FORMULARIO DE POSTULANTE
  • Nosotros lo evaluaremos y te daremos una respuesta lo más pronto posible.
  • Una vez que tengas nuestra “ACEPTACIÓN”, tendrás que confirmar tu participación enviándonos una copia de tu billete de avión


  • You can volunteer in many ways, at any time of the year and in the most diverse fields of action, there are many populations with which to contribute and there are many ways to help. Each of us has much to contribute.

  • The minimum time we recommend for volunteer work is one month (4 weeks).


  • Necessary:

    • Minimum stay: 02 weeks.
    • Valid passport
    • Minimum age: 18 years old
    • Applicant Form (You can find it here)

Some reasons to volunteer with us:

  • Family: Expand Peru is a family where all its members interact in a safe and welcoming environment.
  • Grow: You will grow as a person through a real experience, where you will see that problems like, poverty and marginalization have not been a limitation to get ahead.
  • Investment: You can see that the contribution you make in our organization is used accordingly based on the project.
  • Impact: All our projects are designed to achieve a well-being that transcends over time.
  • Culture: Peru has an ancient culture, the result of a unique historical process that you will enjoy from the first day.
  • Spare time: Our region offers you many alternatives for your free time, you can visit and see natural places (jungle, forests, lagoons, mountains, glaciers, rivers), archaeological remains, traditional villages, crafts, music, dance, typical celebrations and a very delicious gastronomy.

We give volunteers from all over the world the opportunity to develop personally and professionally, using their abilities, skills and talents. While contributing directly to the comprehensive development of populations in extreme poverty and social risk in Peru.