• Name: Special Education Center
  • Area: Special Education
  • Who we help: Children with different types of disabilities: intellectual, physical, hearing, visual.
  • Objectives: Help children and adolescents with special education needs, due to intellectual and/or sensory disabilities; developing their abilities, talents, intellect, habits and moral capacities, which will allow them to integrate into society.


The welfare of children is one of the most important responsibilities of society. But the poor conditions of the economy that exist in Peru, as well as hunger, malnutrition, unemployment and lack of good medical care, have caused us to have a high level of disability that affect children. This represents a health problem because of the impact on the quality of life of the child, the impact on the family and the resources that society must dedicate to their care.

Volunteer Activities:

The volunteering program of Expand Peru promotes different activities which increase the quality of care and special education services that children with disabilities receive, so that their quality of life and social integration improve.

  • Work in specific areas: Sensory and mental deficiencies.
  • Health: coordination and support in activities with the medical department
  • Assistance and social service:
  • Skill development: Spare time activities// Recreational activities and integration with children
  • Sports and games activities, Art, dance, and singing, recreational activities
  • Direct actions and help to the staff: Physical, psychological, speech therapy, etc