Public health

Health is important in human development, but in Peru it is very difficult to access it and it is even more difficult for poor and vulnerable people such as the elderly, children and pregnant mothers. It is for this reason that Expand Peru has created the medical volunteer program, through which we help a large population in the neighborhoods and towns furthest from the Andes.

Work places

  • We work very especially helping in hospitals, medical posts, as well as in the different projects of our organization: Casa Project, Young Mothers, Older Adults, Special Education Centers and in Rural schools.Work in hospitals and medical posts.

Medical Posts

  • The “Medical Posts” are health centers where specialties such as: nursing, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, general medicine, emergencies are attended and many activities are carried out to promote preventive health.

  • These posts suffer many logistical and personnel shortages, so help is always necessary, the work is carried out directly attending patients in the offices of the different specialties, in emergencies, hospitalization, as well as in extra-hospital activities, such as: promotion of health, vaccination days, patient home visits, etc.

Medical volunteer work in our projects:

  • Educational and social projects: We strive to improve the health status of children in our different projects, good health is vital for good academic performance and for a comprehensive development as people. We do a general physical examination for all children, identifying possible problems, and then solving them, each child is treated individually and through them we also serve their entire family.

  • Special education project: We are very committed to children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, we focus very actively with these children and their problems, we help their families in the care and necessary treatment that is required.

  • Elderly Adult Project: The elderly is one of the most vulnerable, isolated and forgotten populations, we help them through very simple and affordable intervention measures with which we can greatly improve their quality of life. The objectives of helping this population are to carry out a comprehensive geriatric assessment and subsequently the detection, correction, and monitoring of malnutrition, frailty, and sarcopenia.

  • Young mothers: This population is very vulnerable, in addition to being very young and carrying a pregnancy, many of them live in violence and moral and physical abandonment. For this reason, their medical care is of vital importance, their health and of the child is always at risk.

Who can participate?

The health system in Peru faces many challenges, from the economic and logistical to circumstances of its geography, culture and even its climate. Problems that we have dragged on for decades and that even the state itself finds it very difficult to solve. We as Expand Peru and through our volunteers try to join the great mission of serving the poorest, especially in those places where the state almost does not reach.

In this project the volunteers have a very important life experience from a professional, cultural and personal point of view, in which professionals and students from different areas of medical sciences can work, all help is important.