Medical project


Name: Medical project / Public Health Project

Volunteer Area: Medicine

Workplace: In hospitals, rural health care centres and in the different help centres of our organization: CASA Project, Rural Schools, Special Education Schools, Baby House, Street Children, Children with HIV, etc. 


Health is important in human development, but unfortunately in Peru it is very difficult to access it and it is even more difficult for poor people. That is why Expand Peru has created the medical volunteer program, through which the volunteer helps children and poor adults in different areas of specialized assistance. This program is aimed at professionals and students from different areas of medical sciences.

Program Description

  • Pediatrics: Working with children and their health care is important, in Peru this population is the most neglected, we need professionals who work in prevention, care and control of children from zero to 12 years old, in different areas.
  • Gynecology: The work is carried out in rural health care centres, hospitals in the city and especially with the mothers of the children who benefit from our different programmes. Performing control and care of diseases, talks on sex education, disease prevention, birth control, etc.
  • Nursing: Talks about disease prevention, injections, healing, home visits, control of healthy children and their families, etc.
  • Dentistry: It serves a very large population composed of children of different aid programmes as well as their parents. Treatment, extraction, oral hygiene, education and prevention, etc.
  • Nutrition: These professionals are very important for our organization; remember that we work with young children in extreme poverty and children with HIV. Many of them suffer from malnutrition and other illnesses that result from poor and inadequate diet. That is why the help of nutritionists is necessary to develop feeding plans and strategies as well as their monitoring and supervision.
  • Psychology: In our different centres of assistance it is important to have the help of these professionals, to develop educational strategies and social reintegration of children, as well as to solve behavioral problems, child maltreatment, among many other problems.


  • In addition, we always need professionals and medical students from other specialties such as general practitioners, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, obstetricians, etc.