CASA Project

Center of social, educational and medical assistance.

The poorest populations in the Andes of Peru suffer many problems that are a consequence of poverty and marginalization, but the most affected are children. They do not receive adequate food, and grow up exposed to many dangers and diseases. Due to these issues, some quit their studies to work. studies Others have to work from a very young age. They do not have the possibility to enjoy their childhood, play, learn and develop properly. Furthermore, malnutrition, anemia, and parasitosis are commonly seen in children.. In addition, their families go through serious economic and social problems such as violence, alcoholism, and abandonment.

Our CASA project works to improve the quality of life for the poorest children in rural areas and their families by providing them with a good education, sufficient food, protection, and health care. This is all done in a safe and dignified environment; away from abuse, neglect and child labor.



We help in the educational background of children by offering them an alternative to use their time in a useful way. They learn and improve their cognitive development in a framework of affection and respect.

  • We contribute to improving their education by reinforcing the knowledge acquired in school.
  • Creative, recreational and sports activities are developed, as tools for growth, personal development and improvement of their academic performance.
  • Good habits of coexistence and respect are strengthened.
  • Development of skills and talents is propitiated.
  • A suitable space, out of danger, to play with other children guided by teachers, monitors and volunteers is offered.
  • Self-esteem and vision of a better future are strengthened.


Every day, children and their families are given a ration of food, according to the nutritional needs of each one.

  • Daily meals are provided to children and their families.
  • Advice and food planning are given to families.

  • Health of children and their families is monitored.
  • Diseases, immediate problems, and other emergencies are attended to.
  • Promotional and awareness campaigns are carried out.
  • Home visits are carried out.
  • Preventive health is promoted.
  • Intervention plans for vulnerable, disabled, elderly and pregnant populations are identified and developed.
  • Other health issues are also attended, such as mental and oral health.


Our social worker identifies problems in each family, which we then help to solve through intervention plans.

  • Workshops to improve family life are organized.
  • Family monitoring and counseling are done.
  • Problems of violence and abandonment are identified and solved.
  • We facilitate safe spaces to play and meet friends during time spent alone while parents are working.

Volunteer work/activities

This project needs various types of support. Below is a list of ideas on how you can help, but in reality this depends on the characteristics of each volunteer.

  • The important thing about volunteering in this project is the interaction with children, they need a lot of attention and dedication. According to their abilities, volunteers can choose the course that they can best develop, between: English, Art and Computing.
  • Remember that everything that can contribute to personal and emotional growth of children is useful and necessary.
  • Recreation: various workshops, recreational, sports, cultural, artistic activities, etc.
  • Formation: school support, workshops, trainings, etc.
  • Professional care: medical, psychological, legal, etc.
  • If you have any different qualities let us know to organize something special.