Stay and Contribution

Expand Peru finances its projects through the fees (Payments) that volunteers grant for their stay.

We do not depend on international economic funds, national funds or public programs.

Stay / Accommodation and Food

For the accommodation of volunteers, we have two options, which have been designed to ensure comfort and safety.

  • Residence for volunteers: It is a pleasant place where volunteers from different parts of the world coexist. It’s very accessible from the city center, it has shared dormitories, bathroom with hot water, living room and full kitchen, wifi and international TV. This type of accommodation does not include food, but you can use the kitchen and all other services freely and at no additional cost.

  • Family accommodation: It’s a unique experience. You will live with a traditional Peruvian family, experiencing, knowing and enjoying Peruvian culture closely. In addition you will learn and practice Spanish in a direct and active way. Families will provide you one bedroom, full meals (three meals per day – lunch, breakfast and dinner) and all the comforts of home. You can choose between a family in the city or one in the rural area.

  • Important: All families have been carefully selected, we have evaluated the family composition, customs, ease of adapting to different types of people and for ease of communication, etc. All this so that you arrive to a family in which you feel comfortable and very safe; they will be your family during your stay and are sure to remain so when you are gone.


Expand Peru “DOESN’T” depend on international economic funds, national or public programs. Our projects are self-financed, thanks to the payment (Contribution) volunteers make for their accommodation and food. This allows our work to be sustained and sustainable, thus guaranteeing continuous assistance for those that need it the most.

We do not charge in advance, the payment is made during the first 3 days after the arrival and installation of the volunteer. The prices are in US dollars, but they can also be paid in soles or euros, at the exchange rate of the day.

We do not make additional charges for any concept, so you will not have to make more payments to our organization while you volunteer, but you will have to pay for your personal expenses (public transport, phone calls, fun, extra water, excursions, medications, etc.).


Residence of Volunteers

One week 130.00 USD

Per month 400.00 USD

  • Bed in shared room, sheets, pillows and blankets.
  • Kitchen available
  • Bathroom with shower and hot water.
  • International cable TV and Wi-Fi.
  • Assistance, advice and organization of activities.

Family Home

One week 180.00 USD

Per month 650.00 USD

  • Bed in single room, sheets, pillows and blankets.
  • Full meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.      
  • Bathroom with shower and hot water.
  • International cable TV and Wi-Fi.
  • Assistance, advice and organization of activities.

How we invest your contribution

The income generated through the contribution made by the volunteers, is distributed as follows:

  • Stay, food and assistance of the volunteer.
25 %
  • Guarantee the work, continuity and sustainability of Expand Peru. Covers operating, administrative, service and management expenses.
35 %
  • It is used to finance the “CASA” educational assistance project. Thanks to the work and contribution of the volunteers, this project has been working for more than 8 years helping many poor children in rural areas get more of a proper education which will allow them a better future.