Teenage mothers


Name: Teenage mothers

Area: Social – Assistance

Who do we help? Pregnant teenagers and their children, in a situation of abandonment and social risk.

Objectives: To give the opportunity of a dignified life and a complete human development to girls, boys and their mothers. 


This project serves pregnant teenagers as a result of an act of sexual violence and / or who live in an environment of family violence. They are given protection, care, a suitable place to live and above all an opportunity for them to find an alternative different life.

Volunteer Activities:

As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to change the future to these young women who are living a difficult situation with their babies, sharing different activities with them, but above all through affection and sharing your time with them.


This project it allows you to carry out different activities with the young mothers and also with their babies, from the basics such as cleaning and caring for babies, to sports, artistic activities, etc.


  • Help with the daily activities of mothers, cleaning, cooking, care and care of babies.

  • Support in food and hygiene activities

  • Activities to promote the intellectual, physical and social development of mothers

  • Development of skills, through sports, dance, music, singing, etc.

  • Help mothers with their school tasks.

  • Teach: English, music, painting, among many other things, depending on your creativity and skills and talents.