Important Information

Expand Peru will ensure that you have a very good stay, but keep in mind the following recommendations that will help you plan your stay, if you have any questions please contact us, we will be very happy to help you.


  • Communications are guaranteed in the areas where EXPAND Peru works. In the city of Huancayo and in all the rural towns there are public telephone booths, Internet and a very good cell phone signal. In addition, in the homes of families and in the residence of volunteers there are telephones and Wi-fi, you will not have problems to communicate with your country of origin. 

Public transport:

  • Within the city and for the rural area there is a very varied public transport network, in a few minutes you can go from the residential area to the city center, or leave the city with direction to any town. It should be noted that we are not talking about a system like the one that exists in your country, it is definitely very different, with many peculiarities. 


  • The weather is very varied in Peru and depends a lot on the season. In Huancayo the climate is very characteristic of the Andes, with rains during the months of November to April and very dry between May and October. From December to March, temperatures range from 21 ° C (70 ° F) to 27 ° C (80 ° F). In February and March the temperatures range from 10 ° C (50 ° F) to 16 ° C (60 ° F) 


  • If you are a vegetarian or have a special diet let us know in advance, to select a suitable family and coordinate everything correctly, it is important that your stay is pleasant so you can do your job well. 


  • It is very important the clothes that you must bring, the weather can change in minutes, it is said that in a single day we have the 4 seasons of the year (summer, winter, spring and autumn) you have to be prepared. Bring a rain jacket, the weather can change in minutes, a sunny day can change to a rainy day quickly. Wear comfortable clothes, sometimes it is necessary to walk to take public transport, run, play, do sports with children, paint, etc. etc. 


  • Life is cheap in Peru, here you can find everything and at a very good price. The tickets for you to move within the city varies between 0.50 cents, up to 0.80 cents. A taxi does not cost more than 1.80 / 2.00 USD. To travel to the rural area is not very different.


  • Peru is generally safe, with some problems like any country in the world, but especially in large cities like Lima.Huancayo is one of the safest in Peru, in addition our organization strives for all volunteers to have a safe experience, we do not work in dangerous places and never a volunteer does it alone, it is always accompanied by members of our organization or other volunteers. 


  • A lunch in a good restaurant costs from 2.00 USD, of course there are also more expensive. 

Banks and currency exchange:

  • You will not have problems to access your account or withdraw money, there are many banks with ATMs, in addition to very safe currency exchange (they can change euros or dollars without inconvenience). 

Health - Medical Service:     

  • Expand Peru has friends who are doctors and share with us the concern for the safety and health of volunteers; they will help you as soon as you feel any discomfort. You will always have our help and assistance. 


  • It is not necessary to get vaccinated to live in the city of Huancayo, the mountain climate is very healthy and there are no endemic diseases. But for volunteers who wish to visit the jungle on their days off, the yellow fever vaccine is necessary. Be sure to discuss it with your doctor before coming.   

The height (Huancayo, 3270 m.a.s.l.):

  • This influences many aspects, but above all, in digestion, which is slower and can cause some disorders, be careful with meals the first few days, then you can enjoy the delicious and varied Peruvian food.


  • Another problem that the height causes is the "MAL DE MONTAÑAS", it manifests itself with headache and general malaise, it is not to worry, it is very normal, this is counteracted by resting, drinking water and especially coca leaf infusions.