Terms and Conditions

Registration and payment: To register you must complete and send the application form. Volunteer guarantee their participation by sending the application form and the copy of their flight tickets.

Payments: We do not charge in advance, neither online nor by any electronic means of payment. All payments are made after the volunteer’s arrival at our organization.

Acceptance and confirmation: The acceptance is communicated to volunteers by an email of our organization.
Starting date: Volunteers’ program starts on their first day of accommodation.

Refund: Due to the nature of the program and the type of organization required, it is impossible to make reimbursements.

Accommodation: All volunteers have the obligation to respect and adapt to the habits and customs of Peruvian families with whom they live as well as for the cleanliness and order of the house and their own bedrooms. 

Changes: Volunteers can request changes for their accommodation during the first three days only and changes are only made from the family home to the volunteer residence or vice versa. Changes within work or projects can only be made before they are initiated. In case of need you will receive the necessary information and advice from the coordinators.

Arrivals and pick-up at the Airport: Volunteers are required to inform in advance the mean of arrival to our town and to our organization; and also notify if they need the Pick-up Service at the airport. They should as well send an itinerary of their trip until they arrive to Huancayo, indicating dates and transport companies that will be use.

  • The coordinators of our organization will wait for volunteers at the bus station or at the airport of Jauja, to take them to their accommodation.
  • If necessary and only at the express request of volunteers, our organization will send a person to pick up volunteers at Lima airport, transfer them to a lodging and, on the next day, accompany them to take the bus to Huancayo. This option has an additional cost of $ 100.00 per person, which includes:
              • Pick up at the airport and transfer to the accommodation
              • Accommodation for one night in Lima
              • Transfers from the accommodation to the bus station.Bus ticket Lima / Huancayo

Do not forget to send: Copy of plane ticket, an email indicating the date and time of arrival in Huancayo and a digital photo.
Medical insurance: Volunteers are advised to obtain their own travel insurance and medical insurance before leaving their country. Expand Peru does not cover insurance of any kind, nor expenses for illness or other type of medical care.

Optional excursions: It is the volunteers’ responsibility to organize their free time without affecting theirwork activities. Weekend activities, trips, excursions, etc. are optional and are not included in the price of the program. Expand Peru is not a travel agency, it does not charge to arrange these activities, but neither is it obliged to organise them.

Vegetarian food: If you are vegetarian, let our coordinators know it in advance in order to organize your diet in an adequate way and provide a family that can attend you without inconvenients

Volunteer Behavior: Volunteers must obey Peruvian laws, and must adapt to the customs of the country, the family and in general of our society. We reserve the right to expel (without refund) any volunteer whose behavior violates these rules. The abuse of alcohol, the possession or use of illegal drugs or other attitudes against morals and customs will result in the immediate termination of the program and expulsion of the volunteer without refund. Our organization is not responsible for problems caused by inflicting the laws of the Peruvian state.

Personal Information: Expand Peru agrees to use the information provided by volunteers or aspiring volunteers only for the purposes of our organization and volunteering without sharing it with any other organization of any kind or person.

Responsibility: Travel is inherent to risks. By becoming a volunteer, you recognize and accept these risks and those related to life and work in developing countries.

  • Expand Peru is not responsible for the inherent risks, to which volunteers may be exposed, during their trip and / or during their stay. These risks may include, but are not limited to: personal injury, property damage, illness, accidents, common or organized crime, terrorism, war, among others.

Copyright: The texts, photos, graphic designs and attachments of this website are property of EXPAND PERU non-profit civil association, legally assigned by its author Mr. Bernabé Suárez Samaniego.

  • Expand Peru reserves the right to use the comments and all the photos taken during volunteers’ stay, unless they expressly refused.

VERY IMPORTANT: By agreeing to be a volunteer with Expand Peru, you have read and accepted the conditions described on this page.

Privacy policy

The privacy of our visitors and volunteers is important to us.

  • Expand Peru knows that your personal information is important, that’s why we respect your privacy and protect your personal information. We never sell, nor deliver by any means your information to third parties.
  • We use the data providedonly for volunteering purposes and for your stay in Peru. These data are not used for commercial purposes of any kind.
  • If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site or for any comments or suggestions, please contact us.
  • Users who wish their information to be deleted or modified in our database should contact us and request it to bernabe@expandperu.org.

VERY IMPORTANT: By agreeing to volunteer with Expand Peru, you have read and accepted the conditions described on this website www.expandperu.org