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Expand Peru works in the Mantaro Valley, a beautiful place surrounded by mountains, forests and very beautiful Andean towns. It has a rich and varied culture, which translates into its customs, festivities and its peculiar way of life. The Mantaro Valley is located in the central highlands of the Andes of Peru at 3,200 meters above sea level, where you can engage in various tourist, recreational, sports, cultural and leisure activities.

Touristic Activities

Visits to villages:

Another great attraction in the valley are the villages; Its cultural heritage dates from immemorial times, this can be evidenced in its customs. The tours of the Andean villages sharing their traditions will be unique experiences on your trip.


"El Huaytapallana :

The mountains of the Andes give the possibility of performing various activities, its landscapes and natural places are very

beautiful. Among its most important attractions are its lagoons, rivers,

forests, geological formations, glaciers, etc.

Visiting the jungle:

from Huancayo you can visit the jungle in one or two days. In this spectacular place, you can enjoy the warm climate typical of the tropical jungle areas, its always green and full of vegetation as well as its large waterfalls, native communities, among many other things.

Trip By train to Huancavelica “The Authentic Route”

The railway line that connects the cities of Huancayo and Huancavelica, is one of the most beautiful that exists in Peru, travels the interior of the Andes through canyons, rivers and beautiful mountains. It is important to note that it is not a tourist train service, so during the trip you could have a very real experience of Peru and its people.

Nor Yauyos National Park:

It is a place of great beauty, was created to protect its landscapes and to preserve the high mountain ecosystems, in this you can practice sport fishing and photographic safaris.

The great Inca road “Jauja - Tanta”:

One of the most beautiful adventures

you can do in Peru, this is a two-day hike that follows the ancient Inca trail

(Section: Jauja / Pachacamac). A journey through history and the most beautiful landscapes of the Andes.

Other Activities

Expand Peru also organizes different leisure activities with volunteers to meet and spend time together, interacting in non-work activities. The idea is for volunteers to have pleasant and fun times, especially on weekends when we take the time to travel, have lunch or go dancing.

  • Farewells: When a volunteer completes his time of service and already has to return to his country, we organize farewell dinners, meetings that mix joys and sorrows. It is always difficult to say goodbye to a friend.

Expand Peru organizes different activities, tourism, sports recreational, cultural, exchange, fun, etc. as part of the integration, learning and recreation of the volunteers. We do not make additional charges for this type of activity.

We are a social assistance institution, not a travel agency.