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The Mantaro Valley is one of the most beautiful places in all the South American Andes, located in the center, it is the largest valley in Peru, it is characterized by its incredible landscapes composed of canyons, glaciers, rivers, forests and picturesque towns that have flourished for thousands of years, showing a great variety of manifestations: exquisite gastronomy, elaborate crafts, colorful dances, endless parties and admirable customs.

The Valley has many characteristics that make it a must-see destination for hikers and adventurers:

  • Its proximity to the coast makes it very accessible for those who live in Lima, as well as for foreigners who arrive in the capital via the Jorge Chavez airport, a few hours away you can enjoy all its wonders.
  • Its location with reference to the Equator and the Andes mountain range have given it unique characteristics, it is an inter-Andean valley with a very pleasant climate, where the cold is not too intense and the high temperatures do not suffocate.
  • In addition, it only has two very marked seasons, the dry and the rainy, which have endowed it with a very diverse and interesting ecological wealth, with many native species of plants and animals.
  • Its geography allows us to enjoy different ecological levels, beautiful landscapes and a very diverse relief where its hills, streams, plains and high mountains stand out, all drained by beautiful and capricious rivers, which are born in the icy highlands many times crowned by glaciers.
  • Culturally, its fame has transcended all borders, its inhabitants express themselves through their food, music, dance, crafts, in a unique way, a population that since time immemorial has celebrated life by dancing 360 days of the year.
  • Thanks to its fertile soils, it has also become a true pantry, where different and varied agricultural products are produced, which are then distributed throughout almost the entire country.
Mountains, lagoons, rivers,
forests, etc.

The Andes mountains give the possibility of carrying out various activities, its landscapes and natural places are very beautiful.

Among its most important attractions are its lagoons, rivers, forests, geological formations, glaciers, etc.

Visiting traditional

Another great attraction in the valley are the villages, its cultural wealth dates from time immemorial and this can be evidenced in its customs. The tours of the Andean towns sharing their traditions will be unique experiences on your trip.

Nor Yauyos
National Park

It is a place of great beauty, it was created to protect its landscapes and to preserve high mountain ecosystems, where you can practice sport fishing and photographic safaris.

The Route of the Authentic

The railway line that connects the cities of Huancayo and Huancavelica, is one of the most beautiful that exists in Peru, it runs through the interior of the Andes through canyons, rivers and beautiful mountains. It is important to note that it is not a tourist service train, so during the trip you can have a very real experience of Peru and its people.

The great Inca trail:
Jauja – Tanta

One of the most beautiful adventures you can do in Peru, the two-day trek that follows the ancient Inca trail (Stretch: Jauja / Pachacamac). A journey through history and the most beautiful landscapes of the Andes.

The jungle

From Huancayo you can visit the jungle, you will be able to know and enjoy these landscapes in one or two days. In this spectacular place, you can enjoy the warm climate typical of tropical jungle areas, its evergreen landscape full of vegetation, its large waterfalls, as well as native communities, among many other things.

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