Love and care for our elders

Join our program and make a significant difference in the lives of these abandoned elderly individuals in the Andes. Your time, dedication, and love will be invaluable to them. Together, we can provide them with a dignified and joy-filled old age.

Area: Social – Assistance

Whom we help: Elderly adults in a state of vulnerability and abandonment.


  • In our project, we dedicate ourselves to caring for and accompanying abandoned elderly individuals who are exposed to diseases and urgently need help with their nutrition, care, and health.
  • We provide personalized attention, promoting a warm and loving environment to enhance their quality of life.


  • Our main objective is to provide comprehensive care and emotional support to abandoned elderly individuals in the Andes, ensuring their well-being and health in a safe and welcoming environment.
  • Provide elderly adults with a dignified old age, with good quality of life, feeling loved, protected, and cared for.

Volunteer Activities: 

  • Care and attention by providing support in homes or elderly residences with their daily activities. We address issues such as nutrition, medical assistance and physiotherapy, generation of initiatives, recreational and artistic activities (games), as well as many healthy leisure activities: walks, outings, parties, and celebrations, among many other things. 
  • Daily companionship: Spend time with the elderly, listen to their stories, share laughs, and provide companionship during their daily activities. Your presence and attention will make them feel loved and valued.
  • Support in medication administration: Assist in the administration of medications according to the instructions of medical personnel and monitor treatments to ensure that the elderly receive the necessary care for their health.
  • Organization of recreational activities: Plan and organize recreational, sports, and social activities to promote interaction among the elderly. You can conduct games, crafts, music sessions, dances, or other activities that foster their emotional and physical well-being.
  • Assistance in household tasks and personal care: Help with daily household tasks, such as cleaning and organizing their spaces, and provide support in personal care, such as assisting with personal hygiene and dressing, ensuring they are comfortable and well cared for.
  • Home visits: Conduct visits to elderly individuals who live alone to check on their living conditions and assist them in their daily activities. Provide practical assistance, check on their well-being.
  • Accompaniment in health activities: Accompany the elderly to medical appointments and provide emotional support during exams or medical procedures. Your presence will give them security and peace of mind during potentially stressful moments.
  • Promotion of healthy habits: Educate the elderly about the importance of physical activity for their health. Encourage them to adopt healthy habits.