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We are a Peruvian organization that works for more than 18 years in Social, Educational and Medical projects, with the aim of improving the standard of living of the most needy and vulnerable populations in the central Andes of Peru.

Projects – 2022

Social, medical and educational

Our organization works on various projects which seek to solve the most urgent needs of boys, girls, adolescents, the elderly and the community in general, generating a high impact benefit. All these projects need a lot of help, any kind of contribution is very important to us.

  • CASA Project – Center for social, educational and food assistance.
  • Medical Project – Public health.
  • Educational Project – Rural schools.Special Education Project – Attention to children with disabilities.
  • Young Mothers Project – Empowerment and life opportunity.
  • Older Adults – Quality of life and dignified old age.

Enjoy Peru

Archeology, nature, culture.

While you work with us you will have the opportunity to enjoy all the wonders that exist in Peru and especially in our region. The work on the projects is from Monday to Friday, so you will have every weekend to get to know many interesting and beautiful places.

International Volunteering

A life changing experience

We offer international volunteers a 100% Peruvian experience, outside of mass tourism, a real experience in which you will live, work and integrate as one more member of our team and our society, helping those most in need through different programs and projects.

Travel and help in Peru

Peru is a very special country with many beautiful things, but also with many problems, the help of volunteers is always necessary.

A real experience

Living in a different country, working and assuming responsibilities will allow you to grow as a person and as a professional.

Share your talents

We all have something to share, a talent, a skill, there are many possibilities and different ways to do it.

We can all be helpful

Everyone can be a volunteer, there is no requirement other than the desire to be useful and to help those most in need.