Solidarity Trips

Adventures that change lives

“Solidarity trips” is a program that aims to help the most remote poor populations through tourism, generating a beneficial exchange between travelers and the local population. This project is implemented thanks to the strategic alliance between Expand Peru (Humanitarian aid organization) and Peru Diverse (travel agency), two institutions of a different but complementary nature.


  • IT IS A SCHEDULED tour through places of tourist interest that aims to let participants know and enjoy, as well as generate help to the populations that are visited.
  • ITINERARY: These trips take place through pre-established itineraries, on very specific and previously coordinated dates, all have limited spaces (25 people maximum per trip).


LOCAL PEOPLE: Children, adults and the elderly. Villages through which our itineraries are carried out, places that because of their remoteness have been abandoned and marginalized.

PARTICIPANTS OF THE SOLIDARITY TRIPS: They benefit through the experience of helping, generating for themselves the satisfaction of being useful, while reinforcing their values.

social, ecological and economic responsibility


  • During the tours we make use of the services (accommodation, food, muleteers, guides, cooks, etc.) provided by local populations, generating work and a direct economic income.
  • In each trip, immediate assistance activities have been planned to solve very specific problems in which «solidarity travelers» directly participate, such as: Installation of water or electricity services, painting and repair of homes or schools, cleaning of villages and environmental care work, among many others.
  • Donations of clothing, food, educational material, medicines are also scheduled, according to the needs of the populations.
  • But the most beautiful activities that are carried out are the “Sharing/ Share”, meetings to enjoy special moments (Dynamics, games, dances, food and drinks) with children, adults or elderly people in the villages.


  • A trip that you will remember for the rest of your life, an experience through the Andes that you will enjoy from beginning to end.
  • In all the tours we have integrated activities that make each trip a true life experience, enjoying a 100% real Peru, out of mass tourism.
  • An itinerary created and developed by Peruvians who know in detail each of the places to visit.
  • An experience in a country with a very rich culture, folklore, gastronomy, festivities, archaeological remains, mountains, lagoons, rivers, traditional villages, among many other things.
  • Travel insurance, camping equipment, private transportation for all activities and excursions, entrances to tourist attractions, complete food and accommodation, guides and local monitors, informative material, health personnel and first aid kit for any eventuality.


  • We know the problems directly, we live and work in the reality that we want to improve.
  • We know every place in Peru that is included in our itineraries, we can guarantee a safe and high impact trip.
  • We are specialists in all types of trips we offer, our coordinators, guides and monitors are specialized and trained to assume this important responsibility.
  • We work with local Peruvian service providers, who provide us with accommodation, food and transportation.
  • We have more than 20 years working in adventure tourism and solidarity activities, an experience that guarantees every activity we schedule.
  • Our trips take place in places of great cultural, natural and tourist interest, so that you can have a good, pleasant, safe and unforgettable experience, but above all that you can know, learn and enjoy.

As you can see, Solidarity Trips can help many people and in different ways, each trip has its own activities

and are well described in their respective “Itineraries”