Solidarity trips


The solidarity trips have been designed so that you get to know Peru in an intimate way, while also helping some of the neediest populations in the Andes.

Go around the most beautiful places in Peru, along the most iconic routes in the Andes.

Help while traveling. There are many people who need it.

Live an experience outside of mass tourism in which you will discover an authentic Peru by experiencing its rich culture and beautiful nature.

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July 22,2021

“Peru, an incredible adventure”


We are a Peruvian organization with more than 20 years of experience. We work on solving ecological, social, and economic issues by promoting volunteering, organizing solidarity trips, and facilitating responsible tourism through little explored areas.

  • In all solidarity trips we have integrated cultural and nature-based activities that make each trip a true experience of a lifetime.
  • We have a high commitment to social, ecological, and economic responsibility.
  • All of our programs have been designed to avoid the alteration of the social and natural environment in which they take place.
  • Our programs foster respect for local cultures and ecosystems.
  • Development of populations involved is promoted through fair and direct economic benefit
What is a solidarity trip?

It is a programmed itinerary to explore places of tourist interest as well as help the populations visited in a meaningful way.

What do solidarity trips offer?

A trip that you will remember for the rest of your life, an experience through the Andes that you will enjoy from beginning to end, with an itinerary created and developed by Peruvians who know in detail each of the places to visit. In all tours, activities are integrated that make each trip a true life experience, enjoying a 100% real Peru, outside of mass tourism.

Get to know a country with a very rich culture, folklore, gastronomy, festivities, archaeological remains, mountains, lagoons, rivers, traditional towns, among many other things.

Who benefits from solidarity trips?

Local residents: Residents of towns through which our itineraries will be carried out, places that due to their remoteness suffer abandonment and marginalization, boys, girls, adults and elders.

Travelers/participants: They benefit through the experience of knowing, enjoying and, above all, helping, generating for themselves the satisfaction of being useful, reinforcing their values.

How is aid generated in a solidarity trip?

During tours we use services (accommodation, food, muleteers, guides, cooks, etc.) provided by local populations, thereby generating work and a fair and direct income.

On each trip, volunteering activities are planned to solve very specific problems in which «solidarity travelers» participate directly.

Why take a solidarity trip with us?

We know every corner of Peru, so we can guarantee a safe and high impact trip.-We are specialists in the type of trip we offer. Our coordinators and guides are specialized and trained to assume this important responsibility.

We work with local businesses and individuals when organizing accommodations, food, and transport

We have more than 20 years working in adventure tourism and solidarity activities.

Coordinators and guides

Esahud Galindes: Coordinator in Europe / Spain, Sales director.

Ruben Flores: Coordinator in Germany, Mountain guide, expert in organization and execution of trips and expeditions.

Bernabe Suarez: Director of our organization. Tourist guide, researcher and photographer.