“Caring for Lives”

This project serves young mothers and pregnant women, who for different reasons find themselves abandoned or live in an environment of violence. Expand Peru is committed to changing the future of these young women who are living a difficult situation with their babies, carrying out different activities and productive workshops with them, but above all through emotional reinforcement and their self-esteem.

They are given protection, care, training and above all an opportunity to find a different life alternative, being and feeling useful for themselves, their babies and society.

Who we help:

  • In general, the population we serve is made up of adolescents and girls who, due to violence, ended up pregnant and being mothers.


  • Give pregnant girls and young women and their children the opportunity of a dignified life, a better future and full human development.

Activities scheduled to be carried out with the girls:

  • Empowerment
  • Playful and artistic workshops
  • Psychological therapy and emotional support
  • Reinforcement and practice of values
  • Food counseling and preventive health
  • Productive workshops and generation of entrepreneurship
  • Sport activities
  • Language workshops
  • Help with homework and academic reinforcement

Volunteer work / activities

This project allows you to carry out different activities with young mothers and also with their babies, such as:

  • Care and protection of girls and their children.
  • Help with daily activities of the mothers, cleaning, cooking, attention and caring for the babies.
  • Support in food and hygiene activities.
  • Activities to promote their intellectual, physical and social development, through sports, dance, music, singing, etc.
  • Help girls with homework, science, math, or languages.
  • Teach them workshops in: English, music, painting, among many other things, depending on your creativity, skills and talents.


“Grandparents of love”

This is the most neglected population in our country and the one that is most affected by poverty and abandonment. Many sick elderly people over 70 years old have to continue working in the streets and markets in order to survive, many have been abandoned by their children and live practically on charity.

For this reason, Expand Peru, has been developing the Senior Adult project, with which we attend and help many elderly people in topics such as food, medical assistance and physical therapy, generation of entrepreneurship, playful, artistic and recreational activities (many games), as well as many healthy leisure activities: walks, camps, bicycle tours, parties and celebrations, among many others.

The care of these grandparents takes place in their own homes, as well as in premises of our organization, where they attend accompanied by our volunteers and monitors.

Who we help:

  • Elderly over 70 years of age in a condition of abandonment and/or poverty.


  • Give the elderly a dignified old age with a good quality of life, feeling loved, protected and cared for.

Volunteer work / activities

This project allows you to carry out different activities to improve the living conditions of our beloved elders.

  • Care and protection of the elderly.
  • Help with daily activities, cleaning, cooking, care.
  • Support in food and hygiene activities.
  • Activities to favor their intellectual, physical and social conditions, through sports, dance, music, singing, etc.