Adolescent Mothers

"Protecting Lives"


This project attends adolescent who are pregnant as a result of an act of sexual violence and / or who live in an environment of family violence. They are given protection, care, a suitable place to live, and above all an opportunity for them to find an alternative to a different life


  • Pregnant adolescents and their children, in a situation of abandonment and social risk

Who we help

  • Girls and adolescent mothers, in a state of vulnerability and abandonment


  • Give girls, boys, and their mothers the opportunity of a dignified life and full human development

Volunteer work/activities

  • Care and protection of girls and their children.
  • Support in food and hygiene activities.
  • Activities to favour their intellectual, physical and social development.
  • Development of skills, through sports, dance, music, singing, etc.
  • Help girls with their homework, science, math or languages (English).
  • Teach: English, music, painting, among many other things, depending on your creativity, aptitudes and talents.