International volunteering

Our organization works on various projects which seek to solve the most urgent needs of boys, girls, adolescents and the community in general, generating a high impact benefit. All of these projects need a lot of help, and any type of contribution is very important to us. You can get involved as: an international volunteer, through donations of material, or by providing financial assistance .

Educational Projects
Educational volunteering

Promote the human and intellectual development of children by strengthening skills through education, thereby contributing to the improvement of educational quality in the poorest areas of Peru.

CASA Project
Social and educational volunteering

Our CASA project works to improve the quality of life for the poorest children in rural areas through an integral development, giving them good education, food, protection and health care, in a safe and dignified environment.

Social Projects
Social volunteering

We work with all members of the community from children to the elderly. There are many people who have suffered emotional abandonment, violence, and marginalization, and we work to provide this population with the help and special attention that they need.special attention.

Medical Project
Public health volunteering

Maintaining good health is important in human development, but unfortunately in Peru access to healthcare is limited. For underprivileged communities, it is extremely difficult for people to get the care that they need. To address this problem, Expand Peru is executing the aid program to hospitals and medical posts through volunteer personnel.