Location and how to Get There

Huancayo is one of the 5 most important cities of our country, it is located in the Mantaro Valley, the most beautiful and largest in Peru. This city was founded at the time of the Spanish colony, its main economic activities are trade and agriculture. Due to its geographical situation, its climate is cold and dry, with marked temperature differences between day and night.

  • Location: Central Sierra of Peru
  • Extension: 43,384 km2
  • Altitude: 3,271 meters above sea level
  • Population: 600,000 inhabitants
  • Climate: It has a typical climate of the Andes, cold and dry, with some rainy monthsTemperature: Maximum of 23.6 ° C (74.6 ° F) and minimum of 4.3 ° C (39.7 ° F)

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How to get from Lima:

  • By bus: There are many companies that make this route, we recommend Cruz Del Sur and Oltursa, they have good service, very comfortable and above all they are very safe companies. They leave in the mornings, at noon and at night. The trip lasts approximately 7 hours and the prices are very varied.
  • By plane: It lasts only 30 minutes, they all leave the Jorge Chavez airport in Lima, and arrive at the Francisco Carlé in Jauja airport, the companies you can take are:


If necessary and only by express request, our organization will send a person to pick up the volunteer at the airport in Lima, will install it in a lodging and the next day will accompany him to take the bus to Huancayo. The latter option has an additional cost of $ 90 per person and includes:

  • Pick up at the airport and transfer to the accommodation in Miraflores (Lima)
  • Accommodation for one night in the city of Lima / Lodging type “Hostel”
  • Transfer to the bus terminalLima – Huancayo bus ticket