House for children:

“A friend forever”


  • Social assistance.


  • Comprehensive care for children and adolescents in situations of physical, social, material and moral hazard.

Who we help

  • Two different house girls and boys.


To contribute to the integral development of children and adolescents, promoting their personal development, through a participative educational process, orienting and reintegrating them with their families and with society.

Program Description

Orphanages are transit homes for children and adolescents in a state of physical and moral abandonment. They are provided with food, education, training, company, among many other things. These centres, that are located in the city of Huancayo and the rural areas, work with children and adolescents in situations of social risk, those who present with different and varied problems. Many are orphans, others have suffered family violence and many have been abandoned by their parents. Working with them will allow you to get to know more closely the problems that poverty and social marginalization have caused in this highly sensitive and very vulnerable population. But above all it will allow you to help by collaborating with the rehabilitation and social reintegration to give them the possibility of becoming a valuable human material for our society.

Volunteer work / Activities

The important thing about working as a volunteer in this project is the interaction between you and the children; they need a lot of attention, care and above all a lot of love.

  • Care and protection of children.
  • Support in Food and hygiene activities.
  • Activities to promote their intellectual, physical and social development.
  • Development of skills, through sports, dance, music, singing, etc.
  • Help children with their homework, science, math, or language (English).
  • Teach: English, music, painting, among many other things, depending on your creativity and skills and talents.