Helping to live

Today more than ever we must move from regret and criticism to active help, put our solidarity into action collaborating with those who need it most and are in abandonment.

For this reason we are raising money to buy food and bring it to those people who have nothing to eat, feel threatened by Covid-19 and cannot go out to work. In this first effort, we want to help 200 families. The budget to acquire non-perishable food, personal cleaning items (soap) and masks is 20,000 soles. All this will be distributed in the Ocopilla - Huancayo / Peru neighborhood, prioritizing families with the elderly, children and the sick, based on the list that “Tikani” already has, an NGO that has been working for more than 20 years in this area. zona.

"Solidarity with those who have less"

A little of what we have can be a lot for others

Let's help those who are hungry today

Why are we doing this?

Poverty, vulnerability, neglect and abandonment of a population living in misery, has prompted us to generate this project, hoping that many caring and good-hearted people will help us meet the goal of helping and somehow alleviate their suffering.

About us

Tikani (2008) and Expand Peru (1990) are two sister NGOs that work with the same objective, both have many years of activity and have a highly experienced team. They serve vulnerable populations in educational, social and public health issues, they know their problems very well, they know where, how and how to help. For the present project, we have arranged the ideal personnel; people who know the beneficiary population and its environment very well, as well as volunteers who will help us distribute the food.

What do we want to achieve?

Deliver 200 bags of food, protective (masks) and cleaning material to the poorest people in the Ocopilla neighborhood in the city of Huancayo / Peru, families who have been affected by the spread of Covid-19 and the quarantine that the government has decreed. Many are elderly, children, a highly vulnerable population that does not have food and cannot go out to work.


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