Frequent questions

Can volunteering be done in groups?

Yes, we accept couples and groups. We also organize special projects for like-minded groups that have specific objectives.

Will it be necessary to make more payments to the organization or spend more money during my stay?

No, you will not have to make any more payments to the organization while you are volunteering. But you will have to cover your personal expenses (public transport, phone calls, entertainment, extra water, excursions, medicines, etc.).

Is Peru a safe country?

Yes, Peru is generally a safe country, with problems like any country in the world, but our organization strives for you to have a safe experience; furthermore, Huancayo, the city where we work, is one of the safest in Peru.

Does the organization have work material for volunteers or do I have to carry mine?

Our organization has material for the work of volunteers, but it is not always enough. If you want and have enough means, you can bring some things. To learn what is needed, contact our coordinators. Keep in mind that it is not mandatory for the volunteer to bring materials, but it is always helpful to receive things.

When can I volunteer?

At any time of the year. Help is always needed.

How can I pay for the program?

100% of the money required for volunteering must be paid in the first three days after your arrival and installation. Payments should be made in cash.

Do I have to pay in advance to be accepted as a volunteer?

No. Our organization does not charge in advance. All payments are made in person directly to our organization, and this can be done during the first days of volunteering.

Is there an age limit to participate as a volunteer in Expand Peru?

Minimum age is 18, there is no maximum age limit.

Are Expand Peru programs only for university students and professionals?

No. Volunteers can be anyone who feels like helping.

How much is the minimum time to volunteer?

The minimum time is one week, but we recommend one month so that the volunteer can complete their objectives and have a complete experience.

What level of Spanish do I need to volunteer?

It is not necessary to have a high level of Spanish. On many occasions volunteers have arrived with little or no Spanish,and during their experience they have learned a lot.

How much is the minimum number of hours per day of volunteer work?

At least 4 hours per day. There are volunteers who utilize the whole day for their work (8 hours).

Are there free days during the week, to carry out other types of activities, such as tourism, sports, etc.?

Yes, volunteers work from Monday to Friday and have Saturdays and Sundays free to carry out diverse activities with the organization or on their own.

Can I combine different work programs?

Yes, you can work in different programs.

What types of accommodations does the organization offer for volunteers?

There are two options for volunteers; Accommodation with families in urban or rural areas, and a residence for volunteers.

Can I volunteer and stay on my own, in an accommodation that is not part of the organization?

No. It is necessary for the volunteer to stay in either of the two options that we offer. These accommodations have been designed and are supervised by our organization to provide the volunteers with adequate food and safe and comfortable accommodation.

Does “Expand Peru” organize tourist activities on weekends as part of the volunteer programs?

Yes. On weekends we organize different activities, tourist, sports, recreational, cultural, exchange, entertainment, etc. etc. It is important to mention that our organization does not charge for this type of activity; Expand Peru is a social aid institution, not a travel agency, all free time activities are carried out as part of integration, learning and recreation of volunteers.

Can I do tourist activities on my own?

Yes. You can do any free time activity on your own. It is not necessary or mandatory to do it with our organization.

How do you distribute the payment of the Expand Peru volunteers?

Our organization has a very simple organization and operating budget. The payment is distributed to cover the administrative and operational expenses of our organization.

What is included in the payment made to Expand Peru?

The payment made by the volunteer to Expand Peru includes:

  • Assistance and Advice: Dedicated personnel 24 hours a day, to assistance, advice and permanent coordination of volunteers.
  • Certification: Diploma that will certify the work performed by the Volunteer.
  • Accreditation: Document that officially identifies the volunteers who work in our Programs.
  • Uniform: Only for special activities.
  • Informative Material: Which will allow the volunteer to have a better and safer stay in our city and its surroundings, maps and guides.
  • Accommodation and food: Accommodation in a Peruvian family, or in residence of volunteers. Complete food three meals per day (in the case you choose to stay with a family).