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Aid projects, solidarity trips, and volunteering in Peru

We are expand Peru

We are a Peruvian organization that has worked for more than 18 years in Social, Educational and Medical projects, with the aim of improving the standard of living of the most needy and vulnerable populations in the central Andes of Peru.

“We carry out a responsible work that guarantees beneficiary populations and international volunteers a positive, safe and high-impact experience, contributing directly to integral development of people in extreme poverty and social risk”.

  • Expand Peru is an organization that was founded in the city of Huancayo/Peru, on August 16, 1999. It works with international volunteers in marginal urban and rural areas with children and young people at social risk and in a state of abandonment.
  • Expand Peru promotes international volunteering as a mechanism that provides aid personnel to different centers of social, educational, and medical assistance. We are an organization in which people of different races, religions, nationalities, and backgrounds come together to make a noticeable change.
  • Expand Peru is financed through international volunteers and its own economic activities. We do not depend on international or national funds, or public programs. It is not a political, religious, or commercial organization. We do not participate in any ideological movement.


Design, promote, and execute aid projects to contribute directly to the integral development of at risk populations in extreme poverty in central Peru.

  • Carry out a serious and responsible job that guarantees beneficiaries, collaborators, and international volunteers a high impact experience.
  • Give international volunteers the opportunity to develop personally and professionally by using their existing knowledge and skills.


We assume social, ecological and economic responsibility in a formal way, the management of all projects, which have been designed avoiding the alteration of the social and natural environment in which they are developed, thereby promoting respect for local cultures and their environment, in each area of intervention a contribution is made that transcends time.

  • In the planning and execution of all our projects, relations with the intervention communities and  volunteers develop  with mutual respect.
  • We boost activities that contribute to the sustainable development of the community. In each area of intervention a contribution is made that transcends in the time.
  • We promote international volunteer projects as a mechanism for cultural exchange that generates development, and provides support to needy populations.

Expand Peru - Our Team

Bernabé Suárez S.

Director Ejecutivo / Perú

Liliana Torres Acuña

Comunicaciones - Relaciones P. / Perú

Ingrid Killick Camborda

Gestión de Proyectos Sociales / Perú

Ruben Flores Salazar

Gestor - Viajes solidarios / Alemania

Esahud Galíndez Flores

Representante - Coordinador / España

Alvaro Suárez Santana / Perú

Coordinador Actividades - Voluntariado